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I have always had the desire to win – and this includes having people around me win.  When you feel good, you do good.  Being active is essential for your quality of life – longevity, injury prevention, neuromuscular strength, posture, stress, and overall well-being.  I have found that all my years competing and training have enabled me to feel better about myself and increase my self-confidence. From being a passionate ski racer, and later a snowboarder for the last 23 years, to running track at Northeastern University and surfing, I have increased my overall wellbeing by being active.


I have always used my environment for my activities. The mountains, the ocean, and the gym are places for me to strengthen my body and mind, giving me the ability to create greater endurance to do these activities and avoid future injuries.  Being active is an all-encompassing lifestyle.

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Passion on the mountain - nothing better than snowboarding and the mountains!

Best move I ever made - following my passion and making it a reality!

Amazing opportunity to work with Will Smith's water brand JUST WATER. Running in NYC in the winter is always an adventure.

My acting debut - Indy 500 promo shoot with NBC Sports

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